The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (2023)

If you are curious to findthe best boutique hotels in Bilbao, we've got you covered. Located in the heart of the Basque Country, Bilbao offers a stunning mix of contemporary architecture, rich history and vibrant Basque culture.

For a truly unique and personalized stay,Boutique hotels in Bilbaoare the perfect choice.

From elegant design to exceptional service, these gems promise an unforgettable experience in northern Spain. These are our favouritesthe best hotels in Bilbao.

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The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (1)

Where to stay in Bilbao, Spain

Before visiting the largest city in the Basque Country for the first time, consider these best places to stay in Bilbao.


Located in the Bilbao district, the Indautxu-Abando neighborhood is a lively and vibrant area that offers a mix of everything. You will find chic shops, trendy restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

It is also within easy reach of the iconic Guggenheim Museum and other Bilbao must-sees. In this area you will find some really nice boutique hotels in Bilbao near the Guggenheim!

Old City

If you want a more cultural stay, Casco Viejo is the city's atmospheric Old Town. Casco Viejo, with its narrow, winding streets and historic buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is full of medieval charm.

Staying at Casco Viejo also allows you to easily explore beautiful sights such as Santiago Cathedral and Arriaga Theater.

good way

If you are looking for a central location with easy access to Bilbao's main attractions, Gran Vía is an excellent choice. This bustling avenue is lined with shops, restaurants and nightlife, making it a lively center!

to Uriba

For a more residential and relaxed experience that is still close to the center, Uribarri is a good choice.

Located just across the river from the city center, Uribarri offers a quieter atmosphere with parks, local restaurants and the modern, authentic side of Bilbao life.

The best boutique hotels in Bilbao

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (2)

Grand Hotel Domine Bilbao(The best of the 5-star hotels in Bilbao with a view of the Guggenheim)

In an enviable location opposite the must-see Guggenheim Museum,Grand Hotel Domine Bilbao(9.1) is a luxurious and artsy urban retreat - which makes sense given its location!

The rooms and suites are spacious and beautifully decorated, with modern facilities and a phenomenal view of the Guggenheim or the city. Some have a private terrace overlooking the museum.

During your stay, you can enjoy gourmet cuisine in the hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, relax on the lively rooftop terrace or enjoy coffee or cocktails in one of the café-bars.

As a 5-star hotel in Bilbao, there is also a spa with treatments and a fitness center.

What guests like best:rooftop view, artistic decor, beautiful rooms •Consideration:interior rooms have no view

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The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (3)

Photos Boutique hotel(Beautiful Country House Hotel u Bilbau)

Also located in Casco Viejo,Photos Boutique hotel(9.2) is located in a historic villa and has a rich cultural atmosphere. It is a Bilabo hotel full of tradition without a lack of modernity.

39 rooms and suites offer pleasant and intimate spaces, with elegant furnishings and modern amenities. The apartments have a separate living room and some rooms have a private balcony.

Breakfast is served daily and coffee drinks are also available at the restaurant-bar. You will also find public parking nearby.

What guests like best:close to everything, close to the tram, nice rooms •Consideration:less benefits

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (4)

Hotel Arriluce Palace(Best luxury palace and 5 star accommodation near Bilbao)

Located in a breathtaking palace just 10 kilometers from Bilbao,Hotel Arriluce Palace(new) is truly a tranquil retreat with panoramic ocean views.

If you're looking for luxury beachfront accommodation, this 5-star hotel in Getxo is a great choice. Especially if you choose one of the rooms with a private terrace and sea view.

The rooms and suites are decorated in a way that combines modernity with the classic charm of the palace. The bathrooms are amazing with luxurious wallpaper, large mirrors and marble countertops.

During your stay you can enjoy the surrounding countryside or relax in the hotel's lush gardens. There is also a restaurant serving excellent Basque cuisine and a spa center for ultimate relaxation.

What guests like best:beautiful surroundings, romantic atmosphere, close to the beach •Consideration:new hotel out of town

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (5)

Catalonia Gran Via Bilbao(The best of Bilbao, Spain, hotels full of amenities)

Located on the lively Gran Vía in the heart of the city,Catalonia Gran Via Bilbao(9) is one of the best boutique hotels in Bilbao.

The sleek, contemporary design, vibrant rooftop pool and proximity to attractions such as Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum make this hotel a favorite!

The rooms/suites are warm, spacious and well-appointed with a relaxed luxurious feel. All rooms have the usual amenities, plus a minibar and monochromatic bathrooms.

Some of the better equipped double rooms and suites have a private balcony.

Taste the delicious cuisine in the hotel's restaurant or enjoy a drink in the bar. The hotel also has a fitness center, a rooftop pool with panoramic views and a pool spa sauna.

What guests like best:excellent service, excellent facilities, elegant rooms •Consideration:the pool is small

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The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (6)

Radisson Collection Bilbao(Bilbao's best 5 star hotel with a rooftop bar)

Located in the cosmopolitan district of Gran Vía Abando,Radisson Collection Bilbao(8.9) is the perfect mix of casual elegance that exudes luxury.

The inviting rooftop terrace and modern architecture with retro-chic touches like wood paneling and velvet furnishings make it one of our favorite top hotels in Bilbao.

137 spacious and well-equipped rooms and suites with warm blue walls and wooden details create an atmospheric space.

The marble bathrooms have separate showers and bathtubs. There is also a family room and a large apartment, which can accommodate up to 4 people.

Relax with a cocktail in the warmly lit indoor bar or unwind in the rooftop bar with panoramic city views. Other amenities include a free breakfast and a fitness center with an indoor pool.

What guests like best:nice, location, roof terrace •Consideration:pool is charged extra

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (7)

I look hotel(The best hotel in Bilbao with a suite on top of the building)

Located in the heart of the cultural district,I look hotel(8.8) is a boutique hotel in Bilbao that combines art, design and personal service.

As soon as you enter, you will notice the works of art that adorn the interior of the hotel and set the scene for a wonderful stay.

Simple rooms and suites offer a combination of comfort and style. Each room has large floor-to-ceiling windows, and some even offer iconic views of the Guggenheim Museum.

The penthouse apartment has an open bathroom and a free spa treatment.

Make use of the spa with steam room and hot tub, enjoy a drink at the bar or work out in the gym. Breakfast is available every day.

By the way, as the creation of fashion designer Antonio Miró, this hotel certainly stands out!

What guests like best:excellent service, delicious breakfast, location •Consideration:there is no restaurant within the facility

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (8)

NYX Hotel Bilbao(Best designer boutique hotel in Bilbao)

NYX Hotel Bilbao(8.6) is one of the most elegant hotels in the city by the Areatzako Bridge, a few minutes from Bilbao Cathedral.

The hotel's colourful, contemporary interior creates an energetic atmosphere that reflects the city's artistic atmosphere. There are even vintage arcade games and artwork along the wall near the entrance!

The rooms are bright with different colorful accents. All rooms have essential modern amenities, glass showers and coffee makers, and some have sleeper sofas for additional guests.

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Its location in Casco Viejo (Old Town) makes it easy to explore Bilbao's cultural attractions during your stay! There is also a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, a stylish bar/restaurant and a fitness centre.

Its style alone makes it one of our favorite boutique hotels in Bilbao!

What guests like best:great location, spacious rooms, river view •Consideration:the glass door to the bathroom offers less privacy

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (9)

Hotel Tayko Bilbao(Bilbao's best riverside boutique hotel)

Located along the river Nervión, industrial chicHotel Tayko BilbaoElegant and attractive, (9.2) is a lovely place to stay in Casco Viejo, Bilbao.

The rooms/apartments have a black and white interior with wooden floors and details. The style creates a warm and cozy space with mini bars and shower cabins.

Some rooms have a balcony overlooking the river. More comfortable apartments have a bath.

Facilities include an airy restaurant run by a Michelin star chef, a friendly bar/cafe and a 24-hour gym. A fresh and healthy breakfast is served daily.

What guests like best:breakfast, great area to explore the city •Consideration:dimmed natural lighting in the rooms

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (10)

Hotel Gran Bilbao(The best hotel in the Bilbao shopping center)

Close to a busy shopping centerHotel Gran Bilbao(8.7) is a popular modern hotel with one of the best places to stay in Bilbao. The place is full of funky modern art arranged in a spacious and inviting way.

Each room is unique with vibrant accent walls and contemporary wood furnishings. There is a unique Neon Love Room for a romantic stay and a luxury suite with a private Jacuzzi.

During your stay, visit the hotel's innovative Basque restaurant and lounge bar. Then you will also find a fitness room, paid parking and breakfast.

What guests like best:great breakfast, clean modern rooms •Consideration:away from the center

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (11)

Hotel Ilunion San Mames(Best boutique hotel in Bilbao near San Mamés stadium)

Located near the San Mamés stadium,Hotel Ilunion San Mames(8.8) is an excellent choice if you are visiting Bilbao to watch a game or do some shopping.

The compact rooms and suites are tastefully decorated with wooden furniture and industrial details. There is also a triple room for three people and a double room for pets.

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Facilities include a cozy lounge to hang out in, and breakfast is available for a fee. The hotel is also close to the tram and metro, making it easy to get around Bilbao.

What guests like best:modern design, great staff •Consideration:a longer walk through the old town

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (12)

Consulate of Vinci Bilbao(The best luxury hotel in Bilbao near the Guggenheim Museum)

Immerse yourself in nautical-inspired luxuryConsulate of Vinci Bilbao(9), an exceptional boutique hotel in the center of Bilbao.

It is beautifully located between the La Salve Bridge and the Guggenheim, the Museum of Fine Arts. Some rooms overlook the museum, others overlook the river.

The rooms and apartments are equipped with everything you need during your stay in the Basque Country. Bonus - each room comes with a selection of pillows!

There is a nice roof terrace where delicious cocktails are served and a great view of the city. A gourmet restaurant, room service and private parking are also available.

You can then take advantage of the breakfast buffet each morning.

What guests like best:fantastic location, great bar, breakfast •Consideration:rooms of compact style

The 12 Best Boutique Hotels in Bilbao, Spain (13)

Bilbao City Center by abba Suites(The best aparthotel accommodation in Bilbao)

Located along the water in the Uribari district,Bilbao City Center by abba Suites(9.1) offers a pleasant stay in apartments within walking distance of the main attractions.

Studios and apartments are also offered, all of which can accommodate up to 4 people. Some studios have a terrace with a nice view of the city.

The studios have a kitchenette and the apartments have a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The hotel has a common living room for all guests and private parking.

What guests like best:clean and well equipped, private terrace •Consideration:fewer hotel facilities

Final thoughts on the best hotels in Bilbao

Bilbao's boutique hotels offer everything from ocean views to Guggenheim views and perfect places for families. If you're looking for the best places to stay in Bilbao, you're sure to find a hotel in Bilbao that's perfect on this list.

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